Getting married in church - Again

By David E Flavell

ISBN 1-84003-684-2
48 Pages
Now Reprinted

Did you know that it is possible to be married again in church?

Do you want to know where to start?

Do you want to know whether it will last this time?

Did you know that in England and Wales, if you go to the Register Office or a stately home, there can be no hymns, no prayers, no religious wedding vows, no Bible readings, not even the music from Handel's Messiah?

Did you know that if you normally reside abroad you have to be here at least 22 days before your wedding?

Getting Married in Church - Again, is a practical guide for anyone who has been divorced and wants a church wedding. The book covers the legal aspects in England and Wales, the responses of different churches to remarriage and the best ways to build a lasting relationship. It also includes a fun quiz and cartoons. Getting Married in Church - Again will prove helpful to a great many couples who feel that it is somehow "right" to be married in church.

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Ideal for ministers to use as part of their wedding preparations, for relatives to give as a present to those family members who are wondering about getting married, and for couples themselves who are looking at all the issues. You could also look at the Marriage Preparation site, set up by "Churches Together for Families".

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