Whiteley Shield Methodist Church Northumberland Home Page

We welcome you to our chapel in Carrshield.

As Christians we are always trying to find new ways of presenting the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Our services are every other Sunday at 2:30pm and last about an hour.
The Chapel

Here is a map of where to find us. You can see us from above if you have Google Earth. SatNav NE47 8AA,

We offer a warm welcome.

On 14th April 2007 we crammed in 90 people for our first wedding in 45 years(!) We then had another one on 7th April 2012. Book yours now......

For historic pictures, check out the Carr Shield page on the Northumberland Communities site, or here is one in colour.

Minister: Rev Tom Quenet.

We are part of the Tynedale Methodist Circuit.