The Love Feast

By David E Flavell

ISBN 1 84417 748 6

Published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd

The Love Feast (sometimes called the Agapé, one of the Greek words for love), is a Christian Fellowship Meal which recalls the meals of the New Testament Church. It offers us fellowship and community in the name of Jesus. It gives each person present the opportunity to share of themselves in testimony, prayer, song or with a reading from the Bible.

Originally the Love Feast and communion were one meal, but gradually they separated. While communion has been celebrated in nearly every part of the Church, the Love Feast has only appeared in certain denominations at certain times, particularly during revivals.

In the Eighteenth Century the Methodists received the gift of the Love Feast from the Moravians, when John Wesley was impressed by their faith and standards of godliness. Since then, the practice has gradually spread to the wider Church of God.

The Love Feast is an authentic act of worship from Revivals of the past, and it can help to revive your church today!

Today some churches know all about the benefits a Love Feast can bring. Others have not yet discovered them. This exciting book contains all they need to run their own Love Feast.

The Love Feast

Practical solutions are offered including:

  • Suggested themes
  • Suggested music
  • Suggested prayers
  • Recipes for love-feast buns and punch
  • How to encourage participaton
  • A full printed service which you can also Download.
  • Everything you need to get started!
  • The Love Feast is available in your local Christian bookshop at £7.99 or direct from the Publisher

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