Cooking Up Worship

By David E Flavell

ISBN 1-84003-375-4

This exciting book is designed to change the way people go about leading services.

The book compares worship with a meal. Why is this?

1) Whatever you do, it will never be to everybodyís taste.
2) You mix together various ingredients to make the whole.
3) Good quality ingredients make a good quality meal.
4) Some ingredients blend well together.
5) Some people will be the equivalent of militant vegans and will be offended if you include something they donít like.
6) Some people will be obsessive about etiquette and will go berserk if you donít do everything in what they think is just the right order and just the right way.
7) Some people only like the sweet bits and arenít bothered about nourishment.
8) Some people go from place to place sampling the products until they are satisfied.
9) Some people enjoy complaining no matter how good it is.
10) What really counts is not how clever you are, but how good it tastes.
11) The best cooks sometimes have disasters.
12) It's easier to eat than to cook.

Maybe you can work out some more comparisons of your own!

Picture of Cover

Cooking Up Worship takes the whole analogy further to give real insights for raw recruits and old hands alike. Twelve Chapters of practical ideas are fully illustrated with cartoons, recipes and successful case-studies. As yet, nobody has described it as being "not controversial enough", but I live in hope.

The blurb on the back of the book says:
"Christian worship is exciting, innovative and life-changing - or at least that's what it should be. If your church isn't like that, then you need this book. Too often the Church is like a restaurant whose clientele is dwindling because the chef doesn't seem to care what the customer wants. What's on offer is stodgy, dull and unattractive. David Flavell makes no apology for being controversial in his assessment of the present state of affairs but goes on to provide constructive, well presented and easily understood guidelines for cooking up services that are attractive and give glory to God. There is no need for a degree in theology, music or cuisine; the requirements are the desire to reach people where they are and at the same time to please God - simple but profound. This book is the fruit of David's practical experience (and success) in a small rural chapel and in the upstairs room of a pub in Liverpool. Read it, send a copy to a friend, and, above all, have a go yourself - you can do it!"

Cooking Up Worship is available in your local Christian bookshop or from the publisher at £13.99

If you would like me to come to your church and do a masterchef seminar on how to cook up some worship, then send me an e-mail.

Two young fans cook something up at the book launch.

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