The Two by Two Band

By David E Flavell and Alison Bartlett.

ISBN 0192727540

Published by Oxford University Press.

This jazzy retelling of Noah's Ark is sure to float your boat!

Children the world over know the story of Noah's Ark. But what the Bible doesn't tell us is what Noah and the animals actually did while they were afloat. Here, for the first time, we find out - and it's a story that's told with sparkling humour and originality. So get ready to join the two-by-two band, complete with mandolin-playing pangolins, didgeridoo-blowing kangaroos and lions with violins, as Noah raises his baton to relieve the animals' cabin fever in this rumbustious retelling for the very young. Alison Bartlett's cheery palette and wonderfully happy animals work perfectly with David Flavell's high-spirited tale.

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